Thursday, March 31, 2011

National Volunteer Week 2011

At The Mustard Seed there are few things that we value more than unity, our volunteers, and the individual. So we are extremely excited for the week of April 10-16 when we will witness a nationwide movement of individuals push aside their aside differences for the sake of the community.

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week 2011, we hope that you will join us in our efforts to create a healthier society, a more clean environment, and a nation of altruism.

Alone you can make a difference, together we can change the world!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mattress Recycling = More Usable Mattresses for Families

So you recycle everything now?! Where do my donations go?!”

I get the question often so, in order to avoid any confusion: 
We recycle to fund our philanthropic programs. 
 Not the other way around 

And your beautiful gently used donations? They go to families in need in the Central Florida everyday! 

But for the dirty, un-usable items –ya know what? We can save those from the landfills.

Have you heard of win-win situations?
Because this is a perfect example….

If someone called to offer you 600 mattresses for Central Florida Families in need – would you turn them down? Previously, we would have to because 50% of them were un-usable and we had no way to manage a heap of 300 dirty mattresses.  Now with our mattress recycling program we can say an enthusiastic “Yes” to that call and provide 300 mattresses to our families and divert those dirty 300 mattresses from the landfill!

Let’s show them the scoreboard…
Community: 1 // Environment: 1
(okay - so maybe this looks like a tie – but isn’t a tie a win/win? J)

Mattresses are only the beginning of this recycling love-affair.  We now recycle: broken appliances & electronics, cardboard, paper, electronics, Styrofoam, & plastic bottles and the list goes on…

Want to learn more about our recycling efforts?
Why don’t you come celebrate with us?!
We would love to show you what we do!
Let’s Celebrate! Thursday 3.31.11 5:30P – 7:30P

12 Mustard Seed Lane Orlando, FL 32810 - Corner of Kennedy/Keller

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Spring Break...ahhh...the glorious week every student from kindergarten to graduate school yearns for. No worries, no waking up early, and most importantly NO CLASS! For most college students Spring Break serves as the ultimate excuse to throw inhibitions to the wind, bathing suits in an over packed suitcase, and savings out the window--all for the sake of a wild week in some far-off exotic location.
However, some of my collegiate peers decided to take the less tropical route and traveled great distances to spend their Spring Break in a warehouse. That's right, last week the good ole Mustard Seed welcomed 34 college students who devoted their Spring Breaks to helping those in need. Alternative Spring Break gives students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones by traveling with a group of strangers to engage in daily volunteer work, learn about diverse communities, and live in unfamiliar conditions.

Our first group of students from the Office of Student Inolvement James Maddison University broke a Mustard Seed record by deconstructing 39 mattresses in only 3 hours! WOWZA!

That's a tough act to follow but when the second round of JMU students graced us with their presence they deconstructed a whopping 100 mattresses in 4 1/2 hours! What are they feeding these West Virginians? Pure rocket fuel!?

The 3rd group of Alternative Spring Breakers didn't put forth as much travel time to get here. But let's just say if volunteer efforts were measured in miles, on Monday our friends from the University of West Florida would have traveled from CA and back! Together they deconstructed 50 mattresses!

Aside from mattress deconstruction, last week's volunteers did wonders in the warehouse, dishroom, lenin room, and clothing department! They also compiled over 50 dish sets which will be offered to families when they come to pick up their furniture.
In closing, a personalized letter to each individual Alternative Spring Breaker
Dear (insert name,)
As you transition back into the dreaded almost-there-so-it-seems-like-summer-will-never-come-end-of-the-school-year grind, we hope that you will carry with you the memories you've made at The Mustard Seed. Your efforts have helped us, the local community, and the planet in more ways than you can imagine. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, we really do appreciate and admire the fact that you devoted your Spring Break to helping those in need!

The Mustard Seed
**Special thanks to Heart of Florida United Way for sending all of these awesome college students our way!!**