Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strange Recycling Items

I will admit it, before working at The Mustard Seed, I knew very little about recycling. My mom was always good about recycling when our neighborhood started a pick up program but the only items that were picked up were paper, cardboard, and bottles. Now be truthful for a second, how many of you really know other items you can recycle besides these three basic items, I did know any others.

The idea behind this week's blog is to inform all of you of some items you would never think to recycle but can. Let's make a fun game out of this, I will describe items and you can guess what it is. All the answers are at the end, so try to not cheat.

Item number 1: This item allows you access to things you do not trust to be left alone. This item always seems to be hard to find when it is raining or when you are in a hurry. There is usually one of these in your house that you do not know where it is supposed to work for.

Item number 2: This item is small and round. If you loss this item, you maybe searching for it in frustration while your friends laugh at you. This item is used for leisure and by professionals.

Item number 3: This item means you are the best, it is shiny. This item has cause friendships to be formed and broken, fights and hugs, honor and jealously. At any age we want this item.

Item number 4: For this item, grass is always greener on the other side. Stress can cause this item to disappear and change color. Millions of dollars a year go into making this item perfect.

Item number 5: This item keeps us warm and has gone through many changes through the years in both style and color. This item can cause you to wiggle, stride, and barely breathe.

Item number 6: When we use this item, we tend to go all out. This item may not cost that much but will cost much more money when used. If you leave this item up longer then normal, you may look tacky.

Item number 7: This item always gets tangled up. We always seem to have millions of this item when we do not need it, but when we do, there never seems to be enough. This item is used to make a messy room clean.

Item number 8: This item used to be used all the time, but now many young people do not know how to use it. This item knows everyone.

Item number 9: This item can make people instantly hot. People travel great distances with this item in search of something perfect. Watch out cause this item can cause you to look like something else.

Item number 10: This item is found in places all over your house and you do not know how it got there. This item is loved when used but thought of as gross afterwards.

Did you guess what they all are?


2.Golf Balls



5.Blue Jeans

6.Christmas Lights

7.Metal Hangers

8.Phone Books


10.Cotton Swabs

Check with your local area recycling plant to find out further details about how to recycle these items and what they are used for when recycled. With this knowledge you can proudly say you know more then most people about recycling.